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Inaugural Medallions

2009 Obama Inaugural Medallion
2009 Obama Inaugural Medallion - Front View
2009 Obama Inaugural Medallion - Back View
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2009 Obama Inaugural Medallion

We are pleased to offer the official 2009 Inaugural Medallion to as a service to our customers. The design features a stunning "high relief" portrait of the President on the front side and a creative treatment of the Inaugural Seal on the back side. The Presidential Inaugural Committee has commissioned the following from the minter:

    - 2.75" bronze medallions
    - 2.75" .999 fine silver medallions
    - 1.25" 14KT solid gold coins

These medallions are only available upon request. Call today to place your order!

Still available in Limited Edition are President Bush commemorative medallions. Call our customer service representatives and we'll secure your medallions for you before they're no longer available.

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2004 Bush Inaugural Medallion - Front View
2004 Bush Inaugural Medallion - Back View
2000 Bush Inaugural Medallion - Front View
2000 Bush Inaugural Medallion - Back View
2004 Bush Inaugural Medallion
2000 Bush Inaugural Medallion